The Lost Culture – for the culture, by the culture
The chronicles of youth culture on fashion
Weekly features of influencers with innovative style

The Lost Culture is a streetwear blog that launched May 2017. Creatives and streetwear fanatics collab to bring streetwear culture to the community. The blog features unique influencers sharing their innovative style, as well as their inspiration.

Kenny Hobbs (@kennyslostcult) , visionary and stylist from Richmond, VA, serves as Creative Director for The Lost Culture, leading with his experience in high-end fashion, creativity and art, interest in streetwear culture, and desire to impact youth. He has linked up with some of the best influencers, photographers, and writers to contribute to The Lost Culture.

It’s more than cool clothes; we are building a community of people with common interests, establishing a creative outlet where they can express themselves through streetwear. People from all walks of life – hipsters, skaters, rockers, hip-hop, and more – all belong in The Lost Culture.